…I’m pretty sure the entire east coast heard the sound I just made. (Or all of the dogs, at least.) 

Well, shit. I’ve just friggin’ melted two of my ponies. Not sure whether I’m going to get replacements or just not worry about it.  

Crap. DX

 OH MY GOD. How have i lived 26 years without knowing that the phrase “swathed in the heat of a superman’s blazing passage” is an actual thing that was actually committed to paper and ink in an actual goddamn comic printed by DC? (World’s Finest issue #289)

This issue. THIS. ISSUE.I swear, the entire thing is like they handed over writing duties to a ‘shipper and went to lunch. Not that I’m complaining or anything, I just find it hysterical given the reaction of some people to fanfic, when the whole issue is basically a giant h/c fic. (With bonus alien tentacle monsters boning in the Fortress of Solitude, of course, because reasons.)

Getting caught up on my DVRed episodes of Transformers: Rescue Bots and, just…how is this show so good? No, really, HOW. IT IS FOR SEVEN YEAR OLDS. Like, I was not expecting to like it at all, so I didn’t start watching until I accidentally watched an ep of S2 and got hooked. O ME OF LITTLE FAITH. 

But, uh…why is the cute innocent woobie bot making a goddamn Alien reference in a children’s show? (I know, I know, it’s canon that he watches horror movies and scares the shit out of himself, but who thought it was a good idea to let Blades watch Alien?) Facehugger jokes, oh god. X.X Actually, there are a couple of episodes that are just full of shout-outs, and I love it. (But seriously, I just want to pinch Blades’ cheek sometime. Poor bot gets dumped on an alien planet and ends up a helicopter with a fear of heights.) Although I would probably pay to see what his reaction actually was to the facehugger scene, because I’m having a feeling it was something like ‘WTF is going on’ mixed with ‘AUGH PRIMUS MY OPTICS NOOOOO’.

Also, JSYK, I can’t watch the “Meet the Bots” video for Heatwave and hear “He’s the best there is at putting out fires” without hearing Steve Blum saying it phrased as a bot-ified version of Wolverine’s catchphrase. 

Some old but good(ish) photos of Sade, my Angell-studio Yan-Di. Sade’s essentially my own personal mini-Billy Idol inspired fan doll. I just had to do this. *lol* There was no way I could stop myself making him into a pretty blue-eyed bleach-head once I had my hands on him. 

(Also, the photos are in sepia because I suck hardcore at taking decent colour shots. *lol* I know they’re basically all hands and smirky face, but he’s so prettyyyyy!)

Wow. I’m still on a comics/comic movies kick, and watching The Flashpoint Paradox for the first time. Watching the goddamn Batman (even though it’s Daddy Wayne and not our dear Brucie) dual-wielding guns and shooting at someone is horrifying and strange on levels I hadn’t expected it to be. Actually, Thomas Wayne!Batman on the whole is kind of pants-shittingly scary in that scene. 

Goddamnit. I’m having one of those moments where I know a shitload of people took pictures of me at the con, but I can only find, like, five on the entire internet. (This is what I get for forgetting my camera for 2/3 of the con.) 

Oh, well. Here’s one I found, anyway:

(from, BTW.)image

The only two photos I actually got of myself the entire con, because friday and saturday I forgot my camera.  Another Cable I wanted a picture with was there, too, but I couldn’t catch him before the con ended. There were, as there always are, a bunch of Deadpools, but this kid was my favorite. (I didn’t get a photo of Maid Deadpool, sadly, but he was pretty cool, too.) 

These are not great photos, because my camera was acting up. Sorry! X.X

Mcpony bait army! The lot of them are destined to become various superheroes. Most of them have already been assigned characters, but five of them are still open because I have a list of possibilities longer than the list of leftover ponies. 

Mcpony bait army! The lot of them are destined to become various superheroes. Most of them have already been assigned characters, but five of them are still open because I have a list of possibilities longer than the list of leftover ponies. 

Day 2 of comic-con, and I’m tired, but happy. Got one of the books I really wanted, even if the other is totally out of my price range ATM. The one I actually bought is the Superman/Batman Annual #1, written by Joe Kelly and containing totally-not-Deadpool-whatever-do-you-mean, and Bats/Supes being forced to exist in the same space while not beating each other’s skulls in. I price-checked New Mutants # 98 and, hahaha, no. Nooooot happening any time soon, at least not from the vendors at the con. :( At least one vendor did have it, so I had my hands on an actual physical copy of it, but died a little inside at the price. JFC, ya’ll, I wanna own/read the thing, not set up a fucking shrine. I’ll have to keep an eye out on prices and maybe snag a readable, low-grade-but-not-entirely-fucked copy at some point when the prices are’t outrageous.

I have to say that one of the best things about the con-besides programming and vendor-related cool stuff-is that very nearly every person who’s taken my picture has actually asked first, and a couple even made sure it was okay to post the pictures online. (And even the couple who didn’t weren’t being creepy, they were just snapping pictures as I walked by, which is totally fine with me.) This is why I like my local comic con: the people are generally not assholes, even the guys dressed as characters who are.